IBSA - MYP Online Project 2023

Showcasing the incredible work of IB MYP students and educators
May 16, 2023

IB Schools Australasia would like to showcase the MYP community and Personal Projects for the wider community. Our goal is to celebrate the amazing work of our students and educators and acknowledge the academic rigour of the programme to fellow member schools, universities and education providers. All members of IBSA are invited to submit visuals of one community project or one personal project and a short overview of the project including: student learning, challenges and how they were overcome, further investigation or real world links. The projects will  then be collated and shared online.


Project samples will be collected in Terms 2&3, 2023 and will be launched online in Term 4, 2023. We will also request that the IBO share this project on their website so we can reach an international audience.


Please submit your project sample to Melissa Fitzgerald- [email protected] using the below format as a guide. Additionally, please ensure written confirmation from the student’s parent/ guardian, consenting to the work being showcased online. The closing date is September 8, 2023. For further information or to make a submission please contact Melissa Fitzgerald on the above address.



Oakleigh Grammar, Personal Project 2022

Jessica Peraic, Developing Guinea Pig Treats for the Petfood Market (Report Extract)


My learning goal for my personal project was to learn more about a guinea pigs’ diet and to use that knowledge and research to develop guinea pig treats for sale in the petfood market. Hence, I wanted to investigate different brands of guinea pig treats and use research on guinea pig health and nutrition to formulate a recipe for myself.

Thinking skills are all about being adaptive and creative when it comes to producing a product. I ran into issues with product performance and creating a recipe for my product which required me to use my creative and critical thinking skills to problem solve and work towards the product successfully. When trying to develop a recipe from scratch I ran into issues with the ingredients and baking methods. I then used my research and thinking skills to come up with solutions and new methods to create the treats and trial new methods. I also used my creative thinking skills to design environmentally friendly packaging that is attractive and aesthetic to target customers. Thinking and problem-solving skills are important to workplaces and careers, and I hope to be able to develop my thinking skills throughout the duration of this project to be able to take these skills to my future careers.