Westbourne College Sydney and German International School Sydney continues ToK Collaboration

September 26, 2023

Westbourne College Sydney hosted a full day workshop of the IB Diploma Programme “Theory of Knowledge” as part of Westbourne’s Friday@UTS programme. It is the third consecutive year of intrastate school collaboration with German International School Sydney (GISS) where Diploma Programme 1 Year 11 students of both institutions come together to learn the critical skills gained from this IBDP core element.


“Aside from getting a different perspective on my ToK exhibition, I also enjoyed meeting and collaborating with the GISS students.” Pascale Wong (DP1) said.


(ToK Teacher) Dr Lusha Kodikara said, The TOK Exhibition commentary collaboration day was magical in many ways. Firstly, it brought students from two IB schools together in the one space, the students had different backgrounds and abilities. Yet, they were able to share experiences and exchange ideas. Each person had a goal of making progress on their commentary but each student was able to approach this from an individual way. Each had to present three objects, yet in each case they were different and had a personal connection to them. Staff were also able to collaborate and learn from each other. This is certainly a unique event.


(Principal) Dr Kristie Spence said, “The IBDP offers exceptional foundations for further study, with its academically rigorous and balanced curriculum that is recognised worldwide. By combining Westbourne’s exceptional, experienced teachers with those across Sydney we provide greater learning opportunities that challenge our students. The growth of their skills as a result, prepares them even more so for their future success.


Westbourne College’s collaboration with GISS is held twice a year with the first hosted by Westbourne. This collaboration brings together the expert knowledge of Dr Lusha Kodikara and Kate Carolan of Westbourne and, Annie Thomson and Jamie Greenslade of GISS. Students will come together again before the year ends, to display their efforts in a joint ToK exhibition hosted by GISS.