New Zealand IB Students honoured at Top Scholars Awards

February 20, 2024


This month Kristin School had the privilege of hosting the International Baccalaureate (IB) Top Scholar Awards, where the best IB Diploma graduates from around the country were recognised. Graduates from the eleven schools that offer the IB Diploma in New Zealand who scored 40 or more points – out of a possible 45 – in their IB Diploma were invited to attend and be deservedly celebrated as IB Top Scholars.

Hon. Erica Stanford, Minister of Education and local East Coast Bays MP, was in attendance to acknowledge the superb achievements of these top scholars by making a speech and proudly handing out the awards to the graduates. She spoke of her appreciation for the fantastic effort and dedication these graduates put into their school years to reach this moment and the importance of continuing to push forward in life, even when there are setbacks.

Kristin had the largest contingent of top scholars from the IB schools in New Zealand, with 29 in total, or 36% of their IB Diploma students – including three students scoring 44 points, which was the highest score in the country in 2023.

Kristin Senior School Principal and Chair of the IB Heads’ Association, David Boardman, said, “Achieving an IB Diploma score of 40 points or more places these students amongst the very top from across the world, with only 9% of students achieving this in May 2023 (Northern Hemisphere schools). New Zealand performs well above the global averages, and the strength of our programmes and the preparation that they provide our students is clear when they go on to new challenges in their futures. It is with great honour that we acknowledge these outstanding young people, and I know the pride that is shared by their families, their teachers, and their communities in what they have achieved.”

Following the ceremony, attendees had the opportunity to take photos with the Minister and with their families and fellow top scholars. There was also plenty of discussion among graduates on what their next moves would be, with many graduates heading to top universities overseas. There is no doubt that we will see these remarkable young individuals making their mark on the world in the very near future.