The Association provides professional learning activities to enable member schools to participate in with an affordable fee and minimum travel costs.

In 2019 IB Schools Australasia will host the fifth Annual Speaker Series as a commitment to the professional support of staff of member schools. The Visiting Speaker Series is designed to bring to the member schools and wider community with an interest in the IB, presentations which inform, challenge and inspire participants. These will also be designed to promote the IB and the ideals of the programmes.

How do students take in, personalize, and apply new ideas and information?  During this session, we will use brain and behavioral research to explore the learning trajectory consider what learning truly entails.  Using 'learning objectives' as our vehicle, we will consider what SURFACE knowledge truly is (and what role it plays in learning), the 3 levels of DEEP learning (and how to move between them), and how students can (and can not) TRANSFER knowledge and skills.  Highly interactive and engaging, this session will help you situate the myriad of learning frameworks (including Bloom, SOLO< Hattie, Marzano, CoT, etc.) and help you make clear decisions according to which learning outcome you desire.

About the Presenter: 

Jared Cooney Horvath (PhD, MEd) is an expert in the field of Educational Neuroscience with a focus on learning, memory, and attention. He has conducted research and lectured at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, the University of Melbourne, and over 100 schools internationally. Jared has published 5 books, over 30 research articles, and his work has been featured in numerous popular publications, including The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Economist, and ABC’s Catalyst. He currently serves as Director of The Science of Learning Group: a team dedicated to bringing the latest brain and behavioural research to teachers, students, and parents.

How to Register:

Registration will open mid-February on Eventbrite.  Please check back soon for more details.

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