Benowa State High School

We are a community that encourages excellence, applauds achievement and celebrates diversity.  Promoting the values of integrity, diligence, compassion and respect, we serve our school community by nurturing and challenging students and staff to reach their personal best.

The 21st century belongs to people who can live and work in more than one country and communicate effectively with other cultures. The world is our classroom through information and communication technologies, international language studies and cultural exchanges. Through a varied and engaging curriculum we draw students from across our city and around the world. Guided by the beliefs and values expressed in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, we foster international perspectives to create global citizens.

We commit to our community as an outward looking school, building local and international partnerships through:

  • Specialised academic programs
  • Diverse courses
  • Flexible vocational pathways
  • Extension activities
  • Student support
  • Staff development
  • School community partnerships

Many Pathways ~ No Limits
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Diploma Programme (DP)

Benowa State High School is an Authorised IB Diploma Programme School.