Central West Leadership Academy

The Central West Leadership Academy is Dubbo's newest school. Our focus is on 21st Century Skills and preparing our students to take a leadership role in an ever-changing technical world.

We coach and develop emotional and social skills

It is not enough to teach our children facts, we need to teach them to be confident with their individuality, how to manage feelings, manage friendships and solve problems.

We are not solely focused on academic outcomes

We emphasise community engagement, Design Thinking and student-driven learning, as a catalyst for academic rigour.

We create independent learners for life

Students graduate armed with the skills to compete in a technical world.

We encourage and promote self-regulation

The capacity to take responsibility and self-manage learning and behaviour is a fundamental life skill.

We are dedicated to developing our region’s high potential students of today into the principled leaders and innovators of tomorrow and empowering them to make a difference to their community and the world.



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+61 (0)2 6882 4216


Diploma Programme (DP)

Central West Leadership Academy is an authorized school for the IB Diploma Programme