Elonera Montessori High School

Elonera Montessori School was authorized for the Diploma of the international Baccalaureate in 2010. The school has a purpose designed IB Suite and the second cohort will graduate in November 2013. It is the only Diploma Authorized IB school South of Sydney and in the Illawarra. The school has strong links with the nearby University of Wollongong which actively encourages IB graduates to apply for courses.

Montessori Method and IB are both world education systems and have a number of common characteristics. Elonera has a Montessori High School and it is a natural progression for students to follow the Diploma of the IB. ( It is one of 14 such schools in the world. )

The Learner Profile strongly supports and reinforces the Montessori ideas of autonomous learning, diversity, independence, social and community behavior and that somehow all children are “gifted.” Both programmes emphasize the importance of global perspectives, higher order skills, uninterrupted study time and self discipline / integral sense of purpose.

Elonera IB students graduate as multi skilled, having learned time and space management, developed their own projects in CAS ( Creativity, Action and Service ), having touched what lies behind knowledge and having achieved the talents required to write an original piece of work .. a university type thesis.

The school believes that the twenty first century will require just such adults who are flexible, principled, have the experience of serious academic resolve and know how to take risks and remain balanced in the face of the multifarious demands with which life will challenge them.