Roseville College

Roseville College is a non-selective, Anglican day school for girls from Kindergarten to Year 12 on Sydney’s North Shore, founded in 1908.

Alongside a varied and high-calibre academic curriculum, students from Kindergarten to Year 12 engage actively in a balanced school life and they make the most of myriad opportunities available.

The School’s vision is Realising Purpose by leading in girls’ education through four qualities that we are renowned for: Christian Faith, Character, Leadership and strong Community.

The School is known for these qualities, where girls thrive as they live and learn for purpose. Ours is a caring, vibrant, connected College community; consequently, girls develop a strong sense of belonging, ownership and connection to the College and to one another. Here, the College prepares each girl with an education that serves her for life, in a culture of excellence. Learning for purpose is driven through academic rigour and quality teaching that inspires each girl to strive for her best. Personalisation of learning and equipping each girl with a progressive, robust attitude to learning enable girls to take responsibility, overcome challenge and be curious.

The School ranks among the top educational performers in NSW, promoting a rigorous and challenging curriculum for Junior and Senior girls; including global initiatives like the IB Primary Years Program for Kindergarten to Year 6, and the prestigious Cambridge Courses for Years 9 -10 – culminating in the HSC examinations. The value of a Roseville College education is evinced by student testimonies of personal best achievements and is demonstrated by consistently strong results in NAPLAN, educational testing and competitions, and consistently strong HSC outcomes.

Importantly, Roseville Old Girls (the College’s graduates) credit the School with a significant role in helping them develop indispensable and commendable qualities such as self-confidence, optimism, a spirit of enquiry, wisdom and personal accountability, a concern for others, and the courage and confidence to “have a go”.
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Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Roseville College is proud to be an authorised IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) school; IB PYP is the realisation of a vision to develop internationally minded students, who can collaborate together to create a more peaceful world. The process of Inquiry in all subject areas enables the girls to ask questions, be curious, investigate and develop a rich and deep understanding of the world and its people, together with an awareness of how they can respond to the concepts that are shared.

The College follows the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus documents for all Key Learning Areas. These are incorporated within a transdisciplinary teaching framework, ensuring the girls develop the required understandings, skills values and attitudes expected at each stage of their learning. Quality instruction through an explicit and rigorous English and Mathematics program lays the foundation for learning across the key learning areas. Student agency and individualised learning are key elements of our teaching programs.

Specialists collaborate with classroom teachers to integrate their specialist area to deliver a range of learning experiences within Sport and PE, Music, Visual Arts (3–6), Mandarin (K–6) and French (5–6). Information Technology and STEM based activities are woven throughout learning to develop computational and engineering skills. A dedicated Junior Librarian helps to encourage a love of literature in each girl.

Junior girls are supported academically by the Learning Enrichment Team who provide integrated, small group support that meets the varied academic needs within the context of the classroom environment.

The co-curricular program is dynamic and varied, catering for the interests and talents of our Junior girls. The program is constantly evolving to allow student agency to steer the options on offer.

The Junior School Leadership Program enables every girl in Year 6 to grow her leadership skills as she undertakes her role in one of the many leadership areas including: The Kindergarten Buddy Program, Social Action Group, Media and Technology Crews, Library Innovators, Cru Leadership, House Leadership or the Junior School Student Leadership Team.

Throughout the year as Units of Inquiry develop, community members are encouraged to become actively involved in learning across the Junior School. Regular information sessions on a variety of topics are provided to parents, who are active, integral members of our school community.